Cantor Russ

Cantor Michael Russ:

For over twenty years Michael Russ has served the Jewish community as a Cantor. He has taught Bar Mitzvah students in the Los Angeles area at a variety of congregations including Stephen S. Wise Temple, Temple Beth Hillel and Temple Beth Torah. In 1987 Cantor Russ developed L’Chayim Services mainly to serve unaffiliated Jews for lifecycle events such as Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, Weddings, Baby Namings and Funerals.

Cantor Russ developed a one year tutorial Bar/Bat Mitzvah program for the jewish community that does not affiliate with temples , schuls or synagogues. The student helps to lead the Shabbat (Sabbath) service. He Schleps his Torahs and Bemah to various locations such as Hotels, Country Clubs, homes, etc.

Michael began tutoring Bar/Bat Mitzvah students when he was a teenager. His father was a Cantor and when students needed extra help he called upon Michael to help. Michael’s mother was a teacher and taught Michael how to develop educational programs for the classroom as well as tutorials. His undergraduate studies where in psychology and theatre. His graduate studies were at the Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles and Jerusalem.

“My greatest satisfaction is helping families through major life cycle events, most happy such as weddings, bar mitzvahs and baby namings and some more emotionally difficult such as Funerals.”

Cantor Russ humorous bar mitzvah
Cantor Russ playing guitar
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