Wedding Ceremony


Pre ceremony consultation: The Wedding couple meets with Cantor Michael Russ and discusses the wedding ceremony. The couple may choose to modify the ceremony for their particular needs. At L�Chayim Services we recognize that people sometimes fall in love with someone of a different religion. If either the Bride or the groom is not Jewish you are still welcome for a Wedding ceremony.

Cantor to conduct ceremony: The Wedding ceremony is the beginning of a fresh and hopeful venture . . . The embarking on a new direction in life. Blessed are the beginnings for in every beginning life is renewed. The Ceremony is conducted with warmth and sensitivity so it will be the joyous occasion it is meant to be.

L'Chayim Services Provides: The Chupah (Wedding Canopy), Jewish Wedding Certificate, and the Kiddush Cup. For more information please email or call Cantor Russ

Chupah (Wedding Canopy)
Cantor Russ at Wedding Ceremony
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